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Comfort Products is a proud supplier of the Kilimanjaro wear brand. Kilimanjaro wear supplies heated garments when extra heat is desired. No more cold hands, feet, upper or lower body with the heated clothing from Kilimanjaro Wear!
The Kilimanjaro mountain is a special mountain to climb. This mountain has many different climates. At the bottom of the mountain it is good to stay in shorts where on top of the mountain the temperatures drop deep below the freezing point. With the heated products from Kilimanjaro wear you can easily switch on the heating and you have the right temperature at any time.
The products of Kilimanjaro wear are of excellent quality combined with simplicity. The products are characterized by the simple operation. No difficult instructions or difficult accessories before the products work. Kilimanjaro wear delivers all its products plug and play. This simply means operating the ON / OFF button and the garment gives the heat you want.

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