BERTSCHAT® Cooling vest with cooling elements Phase Change Material (PCM)
Cooling vest with cooling elements Phase Change Material (PCM)

Cooling vest with cooling elements Phase Change Material (PCM)


The BERTSCHAT® cooling vest can be used anywhere. The cooling elements cool your body for up to 8 hours!

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Product description

Cooling vest with cooling elements

The BERTSCHAT® cooling vest ensures that your body always has the right ambient temperature. Fire brigade, factory workers, hospital workers, athletes the days that are too hot are a thing of the past! With the BERTSCHAT® cooling vest you can work longer without overheating.

This set includes a 4pack cooling elements of your choice.

What is Phase Change Material (PCM)?

With PCM there is a temporary storage of heat or cold. Due to heat absorption from the environment, the material melts and the environment is cooled. When the temperature drops, the material solidifies again by heat release to the environment.

Difference in PCM cooling elements:

  • C15 - These cooling elements feel the coldest in the collection. The average temperature is 15 ° C. This also means that these elements are thawed the fastest. Cooling time: 1-4 hours.
  • C24 - These elements have a temperature not exceeding 24 ° C. Cooling time: 1-6 hours.
  • C28 - Do you want maximum cooling time? Then choose the C28 cooling elements. These elements cool you at an average temperature of 28 ° C. This allows your body to cool wonderfully for the longest possible time. Cooling time: 2-8 hours.

Rapid activation:

The new cooling elements from BERTSCHAT® are simple and very quick to activate. The cooling elements can be easily activated in the refrigerator, freezer or ice water. Do you want to transport the elements but do not have a freezer on location? No problem! As long as the elements do not exceed their maximum temperature, they will not thaw. C15 = 15 ° C, C24 = 24 ° C and the C28 = 28 ° C. So you can easily take it with you in a cooler bag, for example.

No condensation:

Due to the special Phase Change Materials, no condensation is formed from the cooling elements.


Due to the unique design, the vest can be adjusted on the side but also on the top. The vest must be in place so that the cooling elements can keep your body cool. With this design that always fits you have the maximum cooling. Furthermore, the vest is made of an airy permeable fabric, which means that the cold air from the elements perfectly keeps your body cool.

How long does the vest cool my body?

This depends on several factors. The warmer it is in the environment where you use the vest, the more energy the elements will release to cool your body. Average cooling: C15 1-4 hours C24 = 1-5 hours, C28 = 2-8 hours.

Which vest best suits my application?

Factory employees : when you are dealing with extreme heat and you have a fridge / freezer in the immediate vicinity? Then we recommend the C15. This gives the coldest cooling. As a result, the elements will thaw faster. However, you can reactivate it during a break / lunch in a freezer / refrigerator.

Cyclists / walkers : you want to enjoy a round of cycling but it is too hot? Then we recommend choosing the C24. these last a long time and cool your body perfectly while cycling.

Motorcyclists : we recommend the C28 for motorcyclists. Because these elements are activated below 28 ° C, they are reactivated by the front wind, so you can drive indefinitely without reactivating the elements.

Technical details:

Cooling vest:

  • Size: one size fits all. (one size fits all)
  • Air permeable material.
  • Place for 4 cooling elements at the same time. (2 front, 2 rear)
  • Protected layer in the pockets in case of over sensitive skin.

Cooling elements:

  • PCM cooling elements available C15 / C24 / C28.
  • Biodegradable.
  • No toxic materials.
  • Not flammable.
  • No condensation.
  • Dimensions of cooling elements: 32 x 15 x 1.5 cm.
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