Cold hands and feet: The causes and solutions!

Cold hands and feet, you recognize it. "In the morning on a bike to work, watching the match of your children along the football field or during a round of running. Now that the meteorological autumn has been tapped and the cold comes around again, our delicate hands and feet endure it. Did you know that besides cold, there are other causes that cause cold hands and feet? Read on and discover what these causes are and how you will never have to suffer from them again!

Cold hands and feet: Cold is a major culprit, but not the only one

Of course you already knew that (extremely) cold weather conditions affect the status of your hands and feet. But did you also know that if the blood vessels in your hands and feet narrow, the blood flow is not optimal, so you experience cold hands and feet? who can color blue or purple? The narrowing of blood vessels is often caused by high or low blood pressure, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. So cold doesn't have to be the only cause. In addition, you may also be diagnosed with Raynaud's syndrome.

Solutions for cold hands

It is important that your cold hands start moving. By moving them a lot you stimulate your blood circulation. In addition, it is important to properly protect your cold hands against extreme weather conditions. The heated glove is a solution. The Comfort-Products gloves have a completely waterproof outer layer and protect your cold hands against all weather influences. The soft interior makes the gloves particularly pleasant to wear. With heat elements that are controlled by two small batteries you are assured of wonderfully warm hands. You can easily charge the batteries with a power bank.

BERTSCHAT® Verwarmde Onder Handschoenen met oplaadbare accu's PRO

Solutions for cold feet

There are also different solutions for cold feet: you can put on thick socks. The disadvantage of thick socks is that your cold feet are difficult to move and so you remain stuck with cold feet. Heated socks are a better solution. The heated socks of Comfort products are made of high-quality materials, which gives them a long service life. The heating elements are interwoven through the socks with an additional heat element located on the top of the sock. Your cold feet will feel wonderfully warm in a short time, so that the discomfort will disappear quickly.

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